Our Trainings

The Ginini antipode training program reflects our values, focusing on a collaborative approach with the goal of attaining operational excellence.

Each individual employee receives personalized support that helps them to increase their skill level and reach their professional goals.

Training formats are adapted to suit the subject at hand and to meet any particular needs, running from full plenary meetings to small group meetings led by office contacts or external trainers.

Business Skills Training

Technical trainings are made up of several modules (consolidation, controlling, tools, standards, project management, etc.) and are firmly anchored in the reality on the ground, allowing every employee to increase their knowledge and share their own expertise

Business Skills

  • Consolidation
  • IFRS Standards
  • Management control
  • Budget & Planning
  • Project management
  • Financial Transformation
Tool Skills Training

These trainings allow employees to learn the basics of the major tools developed by software publishers and commonly used by our clients, and they also provide them with a first look at the latest solutions whose influence is growing in the market

Tool Skills

  • Reporting & Consolidation (HFM, BFC, Opera, Sigma Conso)
  • Planning & Budgeting (Hyperion Planning, BPC, Anaplan, Tagetik)
  • Business Intelligence (Essbace, TM1, Qlikview, PowerBI)
Soft Skills Training

Because soft interpersonal skills are just as important in our business lines as hard skills, we provide our employees with the opportunity to complete personal development modules. These trainings are generally run by external agencies and offered in different areas (management, written and/or oral communication, foreign languages, etc.), allowing employees to handle any situation that may arise with professionalism.

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Change management
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Conflict management
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Quality improvement
  • Stress management
  • English