The Group Mindset

We’re looking for enthusiastic, motivated candidates who want to focus on client success and want to be part of a dynamic and ambitious firm that promises plenty of adventure.

A long time ago…

In 490 BC, the Greek Eucles ran naked from Marathon to Athens to report a Greek victory, setting the standard for modern reporting: you have to run, and it’s best if you have good news to announce at the end.

What’s changed since then?

We don’t come to work naked any more. That’s a little too…avant-garde. On the other hand, the Olympic motto (Faster, Higher, Stronger) seems to have become the norm, with corporate Finance Departments facing a wide range of challenges, such as a more and more demanding regulatory environment, without many of the resources and skills they need readily available.

That is why the Ginini antipode Group, which has made a name for itself as a Finance practices consulting firm, supports its clients, from large publicly traded groups to medium and small businesses, as they undergo financial transformations, take control of their financial performance, work through post-deal integrations, and manage transitions.

What sets us apart from the others?

    • The belief that standardization at all costs (which we saw first hand when we used to work for the Big 4) only works for call centers.
    • The understanding that pyramidal hierarchies, that keep the most experienced employees out of the field have more in common with the antiquities wing at the Louvre than they do with our clients’ operating reality.
    • Our experience and enthusiasm, without which we would not have grown from 2 consultants in 2004 to almost 200 today.

We want to help clients who think embedded derivatives might be nice to sleep on, that the ABC method is the latest childhood literacy initiative, or who tremble as soon as the letters IFRS are mentioned. At Ginini antipode, we think they stand for “It’s Fine, Remain Serene”. So if that way of thinking doesn’t scare you, our paths are sure to cross!

Join us!