Why work with us?

Ginini antipode in video

Because we have realized that our employees are what make us successful, we focus first on our teams before focusing on any particular strategies.

We are deeply committed to three main principles:

  • Value isn’t based on seniority: we avoid hierarchy and seek out complementary knowledge and experiences.
  • Life before Ginini antipode isn’t that important: the titles and glory of the past matter less than how skills and attitude can make the difference in the future.
  • Ginini antipode is your home: the future depends on each one of us, Ginini antipode is relying on you.

While management methods have changed over the last century, they still lean too heavily on the ideas of compliance and obedience, believing that there are some people who say what needs to get done, and others who do what they’ve been told.

We focus more on “mindset” than on a specific model or methods.

Our vision of managerial success is focused on a participative approach based on three main pillars:

  • Choice:

Each individual is free to get involved as they please. We count on voluntary engagement and allow everyone the freedom to organize themselves however they’d like to get results. This freedom helps to maintain the private/professional balance, but also requires some things in return, such as taking responsibility and being held accountable for one’s actions and their consequences, whether they are positive or negative

  • Cooperation:

Supporting our employees helps them to gain self-confidence and promotes their personal development. It is important that we foster dialogue around different points of view, experiences, and skills, because diversity is a source of richness and drawing on everyone’s individual talents helps to optimize collective performance.

  • Trust:

We build trust by striving to give meaning to our employees’ commitment by providing them with a vision and by focusing more on the target (what is the ultimate goal) rather than on the activity (how to get there). Sincerity, transparency, and authenticity in relationships helps to build trust, which also relies on the ability to dialogue and share quickly and simply, no matter what your status or role is. We are also committed to highlighting our teams’ value by recognizing the value a person brings directly to our missions or indirectly to our organization rather than their status. This means that anyone can contribute to our discussion groups or to our internal projects.