Our Values

Our values define our company, the way we work with our clients, and the methods we employ. We’re looking for talented candidates who share these values:


Every day, employees need to arrive with the mindset that customer satisfaction is the only thing that really matters. That means listening and being responsive, choosing the practical over the theoretical, and simplicity over formality.


We have always been able to count on new ideas from our employees because we encourage them to build their skills and to have confidence in their ability to act.

We want them to question popular beliefs, show off their imagination, and get invested in completing their projects: that’s the pioneer spirit. It lets each person work towards continual progress.


Cohesion is essential for effective collective action. It helps people dialogue with each other, exchange ideas and information, share tools and cultivate a mindset of transparency and partnership.

Every time we hear a client say “I really think you’re not just consultants. You’re so much more than that!” we know that we are on the right track and that we shouldn’t compromise on our values.


The demanding nature of the areas we work in requires that every employee master large volumes of theoretical and practical knowledge so that they can fulfill their assignments carefully, conscientiously, and while offering quality service. Employees are all therefore encouraged to develop their skills throughout their professional career. These skills are the essential tools we need to understand our clients’ needs and key issues, to provide them with the appropriate advice.


Trust is the key to lasting healthy relationships. That goes for our clients, our partners, and our employees. We strive to create an atmosphere that promotes understanding, keeping your word, simplicity, sincerity, dialogue and loyalty. We believe that trust contributes directly to success. We are well aware of individuals’ potential, and we encourage each person to express their ideas and make the most of their talent.


Even more than the positive results of work done by our teams, partners, or consultants, our corporate mission is best expressed in the values that they carry with them. Our managers see the personal and professional growth of each employee, their happiness with having a hand in their own career trajectory and in growing the organization as priorities.


Performance for us means being able to meet the needs our clients have at that moment: our priority is continuously improving service quality.