Ginini antipode has been supporting a leading energy Group for almost a year as it automates its Finance processes.

As part of an extended “POC” (Proof of Concept) phase, a test was run to create a process “pipe” and to quickly identify any areas that could benefit from automation.

Our mission was mainly to:

    • Organize the project and analyze the different areas of activity
    • Guarantee that we had an exhaustive understanding of their processes, allowing us to select the best candidates for automation
    • Translate the functional and/or economic needs of a process to prepare for automation
    • Act as a partner for the client and development teams during the programming, testing, and deployment phases
    • Spread the word about the advantages of the change to users and the Group as a whole

The current project has already led to the automation of fifteen processes (VAT declarations, client / supplier account creation, etc.) across several service centers both in France and abroad.

RPA technology has now been fully incorporated into the Group’s digital toolbox and possibilities for combining tools have already been found with other solutions in use internally.

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