Business Cases

Assistance with overhauling management information systems

Objectives and Context

Leading French radio Group

We worked as part of a structuring project to modernize management tools, support the Group with overall Program coordination and oversight, provide methodological support for project management and associated risks, and organize a change management initiative

Our mission

A short appropriation phase using existing documentation, interviews with project leaders: creation of a discovery report, as well as oversight and governance guidelines

Organization and implementation of the new system using our methodological tools and best practices guides: defining roles and responsibilities, creating project and Program roadmaps, identifying key milestones and producing a combined macro calendar

Assisting with strategic framing and tool choice, involving experts from the application and IS fields

Providing operational and strategic oversight for the Program: organizing committees, preparing supporting documents, identifying conflicts to be resolved

Organizing the Program coordination system: bringing interdependencies under control, creating a shared methodological framework, sharing best practices

Regular review of project progress: bi-monthly check-ins with project, analysis, and risk managers

Facilitating change management: impact analysis, identifying practice changes, implementing regular and expanded communication channels, organizing a training regimen


The implementation phase begins 1 month before the initial schedule

Creation of a 40-member network of representatives

Monthly distribution of a newsletter to roughly 400 people

Organization of a training program for 350 managers