Business cases

Creation of a reporting book

Objectives and Context

A French leader in the distribution of perfumes and cosmetic products

The project was to overhaul their “reporting book”: the data produced were not reliable, there was a large volume of information, which was very heterogeneous, along with the formats and indicators, there was not qualitative analysis, and the deadlines for producing/distributing reports were too generous

Our mission

Analyzing the different existing reports, reporting processes, and how reports were written

Selecting the best information and KPIs for a pilot test

Creating a new “reporting book” using a more automated process that would allow management controllers to enrich their analyses

Enriching the reports by creating new indicators and new analysis areas

Breaking down the reports into more or less detailed versions depending on the intended audience (Group, Board of Directors, Subsidiary Finance Departments)


Report production times were reduced, mostly by automating some phases of the process

Controllers saved time, refocusing their attentions on being business partners

A consistent, reliable, and concise report format that summarizes key information from different existing reports was created