Business cases

Group Controlling Processes

Objectives and Context

A Group World leader in quality of life services with digitalization as a key strategic focus. Group Controlling departments (consolidation, FP & A, holding, SI finance) are selected to start an RPA pilot, identify a pool of eligible processes and provide a showcase of automation opportunities for the rest of the group.

Our mission

  • Establish clear and stable rules and methodologies to identify processes eligible for automation and implement RPA (including the technical framework).
  • Specifications of the functional and / or economic need of a process in the prospect of its automation.Development of robots in the pilot scope of 7 processes to be identified.
  • Definition of a target organization (resources, skills) required to sustain the scope of the pilot project and to continue the deployment of RPA.
  • Broadcasting of the benefits of change for users and for the company.


  • Automation of 7 processes in 4 months of project (equivalent 2 FTEs).
  • Creation of a genuine interest of the business teams for RPA through the demonstration of its advantages.
  • Functional and technical competence transfer.