Business cases

Optimizing a Reporting Tool

Objectives and Context

A world leader in quality of life services, located in 80 countries

This project aimed to simplify and optimize Group reporting by creating a unified consolidation and performance oversight platform

Our mission

Securing the full support of the Group’s finance department by demonstrating the functional advantages of the changes proposed by the project, as well as their marginal cost compared to unavoidable technical changes arising from an upgrade (end of publisher support) as well as the advantages of an infrastructure overhaul (CIO strategy) that would arise from optimizing/capitalizing existing lines of communication within the finance department

Working with key contributors to create a functional and methodological framework for workshops so that they are designed efficiently, promote interactions with business line contributors, and to optimize the decision making process for changes to be made

Creating a batch implementation strategy to demonstrate the project’s agility and to get those involved excited about fast, visible changes within the first few weeks of the project

Creating a “Business Case” that helps establish the functional and technical project’s ROI

Macro-planning with key players from Corporate, BUs, and Countries, supported by an interview phase involving the activity’s clients

Functional specifications organized by functional change batches, synchronized with an implementation (and validation) phase that is also broken down into batches and delivered as successive, incremental changes to the existing structure in “run” mode

Version update and overhaul of the technical architecture, entirely managed internally by the CIO’s teams in collaboration with the internal platform functional administration team

Implementation of a dynamic of oversight for finance activities, based on the project’s strengths and spread using existing communication channels


Simplification, unification, and streamlining of the Group’s reporting platform

Response to new needs/changes within the Group and to specific BU needs

Creation of trainings for new employees on specific topics (effective tax rate, cash flow, etc.) with multi-media support materials