Business cases

Overhauling Management Systems and a Performance Analysis Model

Objectives and Context

A major player in the Energy industry, located in 70 countries

As part of a Finance ERP simplification project, and preceded by an overhaul and optimization of each of the Group’s activities’ management systems, the goal was to improve the client’s understanding of margins and costs, to standardize and streamline practices, and to prepare a framework for transforming Finance ERPs.

Our mission

Organizing and coordinating analyses of the management systems used by each of the Group’s 25 activities

Outlining the work to be done to overhaul and optimize management systems for each of the activities based on one or several selected test BUs:

    • Organizing workshops with the BU finance department management and management control teams, as well as with the Group Finance teams in charge of overseeing the activity and the Group as a whole
    • Mapping out existing management systems and checking them against feedback from operational staff, management expectations, and the project objectives
    • Creating a new target management system focused on understanding costs, identifying areas for improvement, and making it easier for managers to make decisions

Presenting and benchmarking the new target management system for each activity for the other significant Group BUs that are involved in the same activity at the global level.


New management systems for each of the Group’s activities, notably including:

    • A macro chart of accounts for each activity, with doubled basic and analytical entries, supported with key performance indicators
    • A shared minimum level of detail for income statements, cashflow analyses, and key performance indicators for all Group BUs involved in the same activity
    • A summary of key indicators for the new management system