Business cases

Post-Merger Integration

Objectives and Context

Acquisition of a retail travel and food service company located in ten countries with €200 million in sales

Guiding the target’s integration into the Group’s reporting process

Our mission

Completing the closing processes (balance sheet, income statement, cashflow statement) for the acquired entities

Preparation and implementation of mapping between the target chart of accounts (BPC) and the Group’s BFC charts of accounts based on type and purpose

Preparation of an opening balance sheet for each of the 17 acquired subsidiaries

Purchase price allocation (IFRS 3 revised): calculating goodwill and allocating it by concessions for all subsidiaries

Translating financial information from the BPC tool to BFC: creating a file to automatically inject data into BFC batches

Support for local inspectors for issues related to the acquisition and for the BFC tool (trainings held)

Coordination/Communication with integrated countries

Support for the carve-out initiative: preparation for financial integration and for the inclusion of the target’s 10 countries in the Group countries

Assistance with the creation of the budgeting process: analysis and review of financial projections, preparation and creation of budget books


Successful integration of the target: reporting period deadlines are met, the Group’s requirements and needs in terms of the financial information provided are met

Establishment of a reference report within the target

Monthly production and budget ensured with more dynamic reporting statements and a proposal to apply reporting best practices