Business cases

Securing a Post-Merger Financial Division

Objectives and Context

EPIC makes French rail transportation possible

In the context of a merger/spin-off, guaranteeing operational continuity for accounting and finance activities within the new post-merger entity

Our mission

Running a diagnostic of existing activities and preparing a macro-analysis of the impacts of any major changes

Creating an organizational and governance framework for the project, with a macro schedule and oversight tools

Organizing and launching an Accounting Continuity initiative – Working on the 12 identified accounting and finance continuity areas for improvement

    • Defining and writing up shared standards and practices
    • Creating target flowcharts (finance process mapping) and identifying possible disruptions that can be mitigated
    • Creating an accounting and finance continuity guide for all employees
    • Helping to design a detailed management IS
    • Providing information about accounting and finance technical topics (capitalized production, full-cost pricing, etc.)

Organizing and launching a change management and operational security initiative for switching over information systems


The first reports were issued successfully

A frame of reference was established for new accounting practices

A training forum was created, bringing together 1,500 people over 10 day sin 4 cities, including representatives from the project, purchasing, and finance domains.