Accounting & IFRS

Assistance with IFRS Standards and Accounting Optimization

  • Proposed transformation of accounting practices (teams, processes, tools)
  • Accounting optimization (audits, identification of gains, and lightening workloads)
  • Support for the SSC creation
  • IFRS transition assistance and IFRS impact studies
  • Financial communications assistance
  • Manual revision of Group accounting policies and standards
  • Treasury accounting (study and recognition of financial instruments and derivatives for hedging)
  • Internal control

Providing “Accounting” and “Standards Experts” resources

  • Creating accounting reports and producing deliverables
  • Auditing accounts and bringing them into compliance
  • Managing recurring tax liabilities and social obligations
  • Supervision of your accounting teams
  • Accounting outsourcing

“Accounting” tool implementation support

  • Accounting ERP roll-out assistance
  • Management structure reorganization
  • Dematerialization
  • Implementation of a spending commitment tool
  • Implementation of a reporting monitoring tool and/or accounts review tool
  • Implementation of the IFRS16 tool