Business Cases

Accounting Assistance

Objectives and Context

A French leader in the distribution of perfumes and cosmetic products

Support provided during the departure of some internal resources, with the goal of ensuring functional continuity, taking on team supervision and management and reorganizing departments and processes

Our mission

Accounting Director

  • Supervising and overseeing monthly accounting reporting and Group reporting
  • Managing fiscal matters with a focus on optimization (VAT, corporate tax, corporate real estate levy [CFE], property taxes, commercial real estate taxes, etc.)
  • Reorganizing accounting departments and overhauling procedures
  • Creating group rules (IFRS) to be applied in about 30 countries
  • Handling a tax audit and social security contribution collection agency inspection, as well as the tax and accounting issues of new Group projects
  • Managing a team of 30 people

General Accounting Center Manager

  • Producing monthly reports for a French subsidiary with 1.3 billion in revenue
  • BFC Reporting
  • Managing the entity’s tax and accounting obligations
  • Managing a team of 3 accountants


Deadlines were met
Rapid integration and immersion
Methodologies, processes, and tools were all improved
Significant money was saved on tax/social security contribution collection agency reassessments