Business cases

Assistance with producing the 1st post-merger budget

Objectives and Context

EPIC makes French rail transportation possible

Providing support for the creation of the first post-merger budget in a context of significant changes (new entities, new management model with an organizational structure based on business lines and divisions, non-stabilized processes, new management rules and account mappings, no historical or reference documents, non-suitable tools, etc.)

Our mission

An initial planning phase, co-developed with the business and Controlling, a roadmap preparation phase, and a completion phase with the budget prepared centrally

Production phase, complex process modeling phase (capitalized production, etc.) and budget report consolidation phase

Implementation of a “high tension” engagement mechanism: daily 30-minute updates and decision reports shared immediately

Helping business lines create their budgets (quality control, help with feedback from the budget reports, analysis notes)

Consolidation of budget reports, results analysis, consistency checks for large consolidated reports and contributions to summary documents (for the executive committee, entities under administrative supervision or tutelle, the audit committee, and the board of directors)

Technical and methodological support, modeling, and security for the most complicated areas (level of capitalized production, consistency with investments, implementing the new cost model for calculating hourly rates based on the budget, etc.)

Breakdown of the budget approved by the board of directors by business line and preparation of budget notices

Leading of the budget process by (i) contributing to the structure and text of any instructions, (ii) organizing daily check-ins with each business line and (iii) creating and updating FAQs


Production of a consolidated budget that is approved by the board of directors at least two months faster than in previous years and using a new format that can be used as guidance in the following year.

Creation of a community of business line and central management controllers who are brought together initially to create this first budget.

Making the most of this structure and community as a foundation for the Group’s future target budget process