Business cases

Fast Close Project


Objectives and Context

Global Biopharmaceutical Group

A strategic project that aims to reduce the time it takes to produce and publish the Group’s consolidated financial statements

Our mission

Implementing our methodology, which is broken down into 4 phases:

  • Phase A – VISION: Defining the target macro reporting process
  • Phase B – BRIDGE THE GAP: Measuring the gap between the target and the existing situation, delegation of actions to be carried out to the various levels of the organization, benchmarks for reaching the target:

      • Interim reports: +BD and BD+20
      • Annual reports: BD+40 and BD+30
  • Phase C – EXECUTE:  Supporting the implementation of action plans in successive waves
  • Phase D – LEARN: Collecting feedback about the new process, adjusting and making the most of any gains


      The target macro process is defined, documented, and approved in two weeks

      Target deadlines are met – Interim and Annual reports