Business cases

Fast Close Project

Objectives and Context

Europe’s number one cereals cooperative, located in 24 countries

Launch of a Group initiative to update the oversight model. 6 key areas for improvement were identified after the planning phase, including shortening report deadlines and publishing results internally: reforming local reporting processes (target: 7-day period) and central processes (internal Group publication target: 12-day period)

Our mission

Identifying a target process

Diagnostic and identification of opportunities for action – measuring the progress that needs to be made and delegating any actions to be taken to the finance department and operational staff

  • Roll-out of a self-diagnosis kit for 50 subsidiaries: monitoring, quality management, entity challenges, with support for subsidiaries that are found to be in critical condition
  • Creation of cross-departmental working groups to study critical topics

Oversight of action plan implementation

  • Regular communication and change management, participation in CFO meetings (every 2 months), creation of a Go-Fast Project webinar
  • Roll-out of an action plan implementation monitoring tool
  • Specific support for critical subsidiaries / topics


The initial target process is defined, documented, and approved in two weeks

CLO meeting and communication around the project launch to inform the finance department of the project objectives and get staff on board with them

The finance department acts as a driver at all levels of the organization

Optimized critical processes (HR payroll, P2P, intercos, etc.)

Targets reached