Management Control & Reporting

Supporting the organization and implementation of your controlling projects

  • Implementing and overhauling financial reporting practices
  • Transforming and optimizing the controlling infrastructure (teams, processes, tools)
  • Overhauling the management model
  • Creating financial models and cost calculators
  • Implementing cost accounting practices
  • Treasury reporting and assistance with financial instrument modeling
  • Tax reporting

Putting controlling resources at your disposal centrally or in business lines

  • Overseeing, organizing, executing the different phases of the management cycle (monthly reports, budget, forecasting, medium-term planning, etc.)
  • Producing and optimizing dashboards and financial reports
  • Analyzing and producing summary deliverables
  • Analyzing and optimizing costs, tracking and running performance plans
  • Supervision of your controlling teams

Consulting and assistance with deploying your controlling tools

  • Implementing reporting tools, EPM, BI
  • Implementing a budget creation tool
  • Optimizing existing tools (interfaces, controls, statements, dashboards)